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The new academic year at Millbrook Primary School began in style as the children walked through the school gates wearing not only huge smiles but also a brand-new school uniform! 

Faye Charlton, Head of School at Millbrook, one of the Vale Academy Trust’s six primary schools, told us, “When the children came back after the summer, the school spirit was tangible. The new uniform has reinforced a real sense of unity and pride amongst our children and seeing them all together, looking so smart, was just so special!”

Millbrook’s Head Girl, Emily, said, “I love the new colours and wearing it makes me feel so proud to be part of Millbrook!” Head Boy Harry went on to tell us, “It makes us stand out, as the other day, when I was walking to school, someone told me how smart my uniform looked.”

It is not only the school’s staff and pupils who love the change, the parent community has also embraced it, with one commenting, “I absolutely love it. My little boy literally can’t wait to put it on every morning!”

As well as a new uniform, due to the increasing popularity of the school, Millbrook has been building a brand-new nursery facility that is set to open next month, and will see Millbrook expand to offer more places to 2-4 year olds. Executive Headteacher Steven Rose said, “The school is on an exciting journey towards achieving its vision of being recognised as an exceptional school.”