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Training and Events


Training opportunities for schools and churches related to nurturing spiritual awareness and growth with children and young are available for different initiatives. 

Space Makers information & training - click here

A series of successful Space Makers training sessions have been delivered to school and church leaders, whole school staff this academic year, to enable them to role out the training in their schools. The hope is that those local church members who have received the same training can support their local school with this process. 

Click on the link above for more information and for upcoming training dates

Space Makers Participant feedback 

Headteachers, senior leaders and teachers in VAT schools plus local clergy have shared the following feedback about the training and the potential impact that it could have on their school communities:

"I found the training inspiring, and it gave time for contemplation and support from other participants."

 "This is a great way to take St James on our shared journey together."

"A model to help embed whole school spirituality into the school in a way that supports the strategic core vision for the school."

"This initiative is tremendous."

" It is really helpful to know what school initiatives are available. I will be sharing about this one with church members to see how we can maybe help schools."

BeSpace for schools training & information - click here Many schools and churches in the Wantage area have hosted BeSpace (formerly Prayer Spaces in Schools) over the years which has both offered children and staff invaluable opportunities to explore and express spirituality. BeSpace generate new resources and ideas to share from working in partnership with schools and churches. St James CE Primary and St Nicholas CE Primary for example are collaboratively planning for their new core vision pilgrimages, with BeSpace. See Resources and Links pages for more information. 

Open the Book training & information click here

Godly play information & training