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Our Vision, Values and Goals (continued)

Underpinning the Trust's Vision are our values:


With total focus on the needs of our learners, the Trust has pledged: 

  • To ensure our schools offer safe, secure and happy environments and are exciting, stimulating places to be
  • To strive to improve the outcomes for every child, encouraging them to reach their fullest potential for the duration of their time at school
  • To provide a range of Trust-wide opportunities and widen horizons (see 'What We Do - the Vale Academy Trust Promise') that add value to the school experience and 'Involve, Engage, Enrich and Inspire' 
  • To encourage, empower and support our staff in becoming first class education practitioners and to recruit only the best, inspirational teachers to work for us.

Our comprehensive 'Strategic Goals and Targets' document can be accessed below. This outlines strategic goal statements under nine headings, alongside our 2025 target for each area: Educational Excellence, Enrichment, Nurture, Financial Control, Inspiring Environments, Robust Governance, Developing People, Sustainable Growth and Communication. A comprehensive document listing these with a full explanation about our targets can be accessed via the link below. 

Political Neutrality

The Vale Academy Trust has charitable status and is administered as a 'not for profit' organisation. As such, the Trust is independent of any political party and does not express support for a political party, candidate or politician.  When acting in their professional capacity as representatives of the Trust or of a Trust school, all members of staff are expected to act in a politically neutral manner, and to avoid publicly endorsing any political party, candidate or politician.  This includes avoiding political bias in the teaching of children and young people, as well as in the issue of public statements or images through broadcast or social media.